From the basic but important information before owing a dog to the training programs for all dog owners who want to enjoy life with their dogs and pursue better communication all through their dog's life, D.I.N.G.O. has prepared a step by step training system to meet everyone's need.
Certification is issued for every dog owner when they complete each class. The people who have completed the Master Handler Class, the top class in the amateur course, can move on to D.I.N.G.O.'s professional (instructor) course.

Amateur Course

Obedience Course
<Four classes>
Pre-owner Class
Puppy Class
Introductory Class
Novice Class
<Pre-owner Class>
- Owner to learn basic knowledge before owning a dog.
<Puppy Class>
- Puppy' s socialization
- Owner to learn basic knowledge and handling.
<Introductory Class>
- For puppy+ and adult dog.
- Owner to learn management and handling of his dog, and theory of kind and motivational training.
  <Novice Class>
- For intermediate handler and dog who have finished introductory class.
At the end of each class, D.I.N.G.O. certificate is given to the student.
Amateur Step Up course
<Two classes>
Advanced Handler Class
Master Handler Class
<Advanced Handler Class>
- For those who want to continue further studies and learning higher handling skills.
<Master Handler Class>
-The highest level in the amateur course.
-Besides regular lessons, he must have done certain number of specialties and have passed D.I.N.G.O. test or Canine Good Citizen Test with his own dog.
From the step up course, the student is registered with D.I.N.G.O and provided with D.I.N.G.O. member tool.
Agility Course
<Three classes>
Introductory Class
Novice Class
Intermediate Class
<Introductory Class>
- To make the dog used to the environment and some agility equipment.
- Owner to learn the basic handling and management for his dog' s safety.
<Novice Class>
- Owner to learn the basic handling and management for his dog' s safety.
- Jumps are set low according to the age of dogs.
<Intermediate Class>
- For the owner who has finished Novice class.
- Owner to learn broader knowledge and higher handling skills.
To register with D.I.N.G.O.' s agility course, the dog has to either be in the middle of or have completed obedience course.
Amateur Specialty
<Two courses>
Handling Course
Knowledge Course
<Handling Course>
- Talent Dog, Tricks, Magic, Freestyle, Flyball, Tracking, Swimming, etc.
<Knowledge Course>
-Behaviors, Learning Theory, Diet, CPR, Health Care, etc.
Variety of specialties are prepared for the owners who want to enjoy more activities with dogs or broaden their knowledge. Certificate is given to the student who has completed the course at the end of each specialty class.